Steps we can take as a community to overcome this together.

At GWLRA we recognize the stress this is causing our residents and we’re committed to helping you during this challenging time.

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doing your part!

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A message to our valued residents.

As we are living in unprecedented times, we thought it important to reach out and thank you, our residents, for your continued understanding and calm during this time.

At this moment, more of our residents are at home than ever before. And we can assure you that as your property managers, we are meeting continually across each day to ensure your safety and comfort.

It is at times like these when we consider our brand tenets – customer service, cleanliness, convenience and community. It is this last tenet – community – that we need to focus on right now.

We are all in this together and as we head into uncharted territory let’s remind ourselves of the need for patience and compassion with one another. One of the most important things we can do is to keep you informed of what we are doing, and you have our commitment that we will do that. You have already expressed that you appreciate the way we are keeping you informed, and we will continue to keep you updated as things develop and change.

At a high level, our goal right now is to direct our resources to keeping the most used common areas clean and sanitized. Our front-line staff continue to be dedicated towards their efforts to ensure the safety of everyone, and we appreciate the words of gratitude you have already shared with us about their work during this time.

Once again, thank you for your support and understanding during this challenging time.

GWL Realty Advisors Residential

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What is our Government Doing?

Information and updates on COVID-19 are changing rapidly. To stay informed, please consult one of the following government websites for up-to-date information:





Other Resources:

Stay home
with us

Social distancing is incredibly important as we try to limit the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. But that does mean we’ll all be spending a lot of time at home. It’s easy to get bored and feel lonely. To combat boredom and keep yourself entertained and happy, check out this section for ideas and  activities. Remember, you should do whatever makes you feel happy. Don’t forget to take breaks when you need to. And if you have family with you, ask them to participate!

At home workouts & wellness

With gyms and fitness studios closing their doors in response to  the coronavirus pandemic, keeping up with fitness and exercise can be difficult. It’s important during this stressful time to look after your physical and mental well-being. Here are a few resources that offer workouts you can do in the comfort of your home: 

Benchmark Fitness Live  Week 5 Schedule
Barry’s Bootcamp

Your Family

Join your neighbours virtually for daily workouts!

Recipe Corner

Stuck on what’s for dinner tonight? Tomorrow night? The next however long? The landscape of food preparation at home has completely changed as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, and many families are working hard to stay creative — we’re here to help. Check out a few of these recipes:

Quarantine Cooking
Healthy Eats
Comfort Food 

At home workouts & wellness

With gyms and fitness studios closing their doors in response to  the coronavirus pandemic, keeping up with fitness and exercise can be difficult. It’s important during this stressful time to look after your physical and mental well-being. Here are a few resources that offer workouts you can do in the comfort of your home: 

Barry’s Bootcamp:

Your Family:


Daily at home workouts with Benchmark

Join your neighbours virtually for daily workouts!


  • Wednesday April 15th: 10:00am Pilates W/Ariel
  • Thursday April 16th: 10:00am Bootcamp W/Lauren
  • Thursday April 16th: 5:30pm Yoga W/Colleen

Together Apart Recipe Contest

Has staying at home awakened your inner chef or baker? Whip up your masterpiece and share it with us and you’ll be entered to win a $50 VISA gift card!

What you need to do:

Make your culinary creation and email a picture of your dish to In the body of the email include, your first and last name, building name, suite number, name of your recipe, ingredients and cooking directions.

Subject line of email should be Together Apart Recipe Contest.

A selection of the top recipes entered will be published on

*Last day of contest is April, 17th 2020. Winner will be randomly selected from all submissions.

Thank you for your participation. We look forward to sharing and trying your recipes!

Official Contest Rules

What Are We Doing?

What are we doing to keep our residents and our team safe?


Your Safety is our Priority

In the event that GWL Realty Advisors Residential is advised that a building resident, visitor or on-site employee has either been infected, or is under investigation for possible infection with COVID-19, we will post notices in the building advising as such.

Should an advisory be posted, it is being provided as a precautionary measure intended to protect the comfort and safety of our residents, visitors and employees, and to allows individuals to make informed decisions about the risk of potential COVID-19 transmission.

All common areas (e.g. elevator call buttons, handrails, door handles, and other touch surfaces) are regularly disinfected and Property Management continues with its increased cleaning of these areas. Our on-site employees continue to use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as gloves, according to existing policies and procedures, as well as following label directions for all cleaning products.

We encourage you to continue to take appropriate measures to protect yourself including handwashing protocols, avoiding touching of the face and to self exclude from meetings with others where you feel unwell.

Cleanliness in High Traffic Areas

We will continue to take a proactive approach to increasing sanitization in all high traffic areas of our properties.

Capital Projects

We have taken steps to stop and reschedule all non-essential contractor work at the buildings.

Closure of Building Amenities

In light of recent events, we have made the decision to change how we support our residents while maintaining our commitment to protecting our employees and residents as best as possible.

Effective immediately, all amenity facilities in our communities will be closed, with the exception of the laundry facilities, until further notice. This includes, if applicable:

Fitness Rooms
Theatre Rooms
Social/Party Rooms 
Guest Suites

Visitors to our communities

We have posted signage at all entrances asking visitors to give thought to their need to enter the community if they have recently travelled to a COVID-19 high risk area; been in close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19; or who feel unwell in any way, Please note these are simply precautionary measures to ensure the continued comfort and safety of our residents, their visitors and our employees.

Maintenance in Your Home

We are making changes to the way we provide maintenance service in your suite. We take pride in taking care of your maintenance requests in a professional and timely manner and we want to continue to do so. Before conducting maintenance in your home, we will be asking you to consider the following:

Have you recently travelled to a COVID-19 high risk area?

Have you been in close contact with a person who has recently travelled to a COVID-19 high risk area?

Have you recently been in close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19?

Do you feel unwell (cough, fever, difficulty breathing)?

If you answer YES to any of the points above, we will be taking extra steps to ensure that you and our team are protected.

This might require the attendance of an external contractor. In the case that special ordered parts are required to complete the repair, we will advise you of the expected time frame for completion of work.

We would like to advise residents that our maintenance request volume is currently higher than usual due to the number of residents staying at home. As a result our maintenance staff will be handling maintenance requests based on urgency. These decisions will be made on a discretionary basis.

What Can You Do?

What can residents do to help stop the spread in the community and keep their families and our community safe?


If you do not feel well, stay home

Remain at home if you are sick and avoid close contact with anyone in the common areas of the community.Seek medical advice should you exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19 after having traveled to a risk zone, or if you come in contact with others who have traveled to any of those zones.It is crucial that individuals follow quarantine and self-isolation recommendations properly to prevent transmission of COVID-19 to others in a community.

Practice Social Distancing

Social distancing measures are approaches taken to minimize close contact with others in the community. If you are using the laundry facilities, taking the elevator, walking through the lobby or any other common area of the building, please make a conscious effort to use social distancing and limit contact with fellow residents, staff or anyone in your vicinity to a recommended 6 foot distance in an effort to keep everyone safe. Social distancing can never prevent 100% of transmissions, but by following these simple rules, we can all play a critical role in slowing the spread of this virus. Plan ahead by maintaining a supply of essential medications, home supplies and extra non-perishable food in the event you require voluntary quarantine or self-isolation.

Wash your hands... often!

The best way to protect yourself:
Wash your hands often and thoroughly – with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use an alcohol-based sanitizer if soap and water are not available.Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.Clean high-touch surfaces ie. toys, toilets, phones, electronics, door handles, bedside tables, television remotes, etc. frequently with regular household cleaners or diluted bleach (1 part bleach to 9 parts water). 


Protect against viruses by following these hygiene habits

Keeping you informed is our priority. Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email below.